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Jelly products Chocotech

CHOCOTECH is a specialist in complete cooking systems for Jelly manufacturing. Be it a one colour, one flavor jelly or multi-coloured, filled and aerated products, CHOCOTECH has the correct solution. The Jellymaster® pressure dissolver and vacuum system can handle all type of jelling agent like Gelatine,  Agar-Agar, Gum Arabic, Pectin, Modified and High Amylose Starches and Carrageenan. The addition of CFA (colour, flavor, acis) is mostly done gravimetrically using the Jellymix®, however in some cases volumetric systems are preferred.  Eitherway the solution can also be used for adding other additions like fruit juice, yogurt or vitamin / calcuim additions.

Capacities from 500 - 5.000 kg/h

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