The Sucrofilm® is a unique thin film syrup cooker designed for capacities from 50  up to 2.500 kg/h

Sucrofilm® Candy Caramel and Fruit Machine Chocotech

The SUCROFILM® is a continuous swept surface cooker with excellent heat exchanger qualities. The residence time in the system is very short which is ideal for colour sensitive masses like white caramels or indeed for most heat sensitive products. The configuration of the dynamic scraper system and the low amount of product in the unit also guarantee the lowest amount of black spots in masses such as caramels and other high protein masses. The SUCROFILM® can be used atmospherically, under pressure or under vacuum and in combination with the CARAFLEX™, the ideal amount of colour development and caramelization can be achieved.

When it comes to grained masses the SUCROFILM® thin film cooker can also be used together with the MICRON®, a closed system for controlled graining of masses such as fudges, fondants and chewy candies to the desired micron size. This is a completely closed system which offers many process and CIP advantages.

Maintenance costs of the SUCROFILM® are quite low and in combination with other equipment the system can be offered with the CHOCOTECH SIS software package (Service Information System) to assist with maintenance monitoring and part identification.

The SUCROFILM® dynamic cooker is designed for continuous multi-shift operations for throughput rates of between 200 – 2,000 kgs/hr depending on the recipe.

CHOCOTECH also offer a universal and flexible batch cooking system with batch sizes from 50 – 250 kgs and hourly throughput rates of up 500 kgs/hr. This system can offer flexibility for start – stop operations and where a large number of recipes are being used.


Type Category Version Products Throughput
Sucrofilm® Candy 50
Protein-containing masses

Heat sensitive fruit masses
300 - 2500 kg/h


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