CHOCOFORM® PSL is designed for the manufacturing of chocolate spheres, eggs and lentils using a tempered chocolate or cocoa-based coating. The chocolate mass can contain inclusions like nut pieces, cookie pieces or cereals. The size of the inclusions depends on the shape and weight of the product.

Tempered chocolate is metered between two chilled forming drums which contain the required product shape. The product coming off the drums is a highly viscous but flexible formed slab with a thin chocolate skin between the formed piece. The size and thickness of the skin is determined by the set gap between the drums.

Rapid product shape change is possible: The drums are exchangeable (optional feature) by “quick release” couplings for the coolant circulation and a mobile docking station.

The system is designed for installation above a cooling tunnel infeed table. The stainless-steel jacketed drums are designed with a special coolant flow guide to achieve a very precise temperature profile across the width of the drums.

Gap adjustment for web thickness and product centre alignment are easily adjustable. The chocolate level between the rollers and the transfer angle of slab to cooling tunnel belt are controlled by sensors to maintain precise control of the system.

CHOCOFORM® PSL with patented pre-cooling drum
The patented pre-cooling drum inside the climate-controlled housing is a further innovation by CHOCOTECH to add higher output performance to the forming line. The stainless-steel pre-cooling drum reduces the temperature of the incoming chocolate mass almost doubling the capacity of the CHOCOFORM® PSL.