JELLYMASTER® - The system is designed for the continuous cooking of all types of jelly and marshmallow masses. The heart of the unit is the SUCROTWIST® pressure dissolver with its special design. The hygienically designed tube-in-shell system with "no dead areas" and excellent heat exchange properties allows for a gentle and economical process utilizing an overall small machine footprint. The SUCROTWIST®, vacuum chamber and the vacuum installation are housed in a hygienic tubular frame.

  • System is available for capacities from 500 kg/h up to 6000 kg/h
  • A pneumatically controlled valve keeps the pressure in the system on a constant level
  • Automatic temperature and vacuum control
  • Pneumatically controlled valve combination with return pipe to the slurry tank
  • The complete system is of hygienic design and can easily be connected to a CIP-system
  • All components of the JELLYMASTER® are synchronized and PLC controlled.

Technical Data

Jellymaster®Candy1000 – 6000 kg/h