Quality and innovation since 1920

The company has undergone an exciting journey and development since it was founded in 1920 by Mr Otto Lauenstein in Wernigerode under its first name "Lauenstein & Co. KG". As early as 1930, the company achieved a worldwide monopoly position with the manufacture of the world's first tempering machine. Only nine years later, the 95 employees had achieved another impressive goal: 750 of those machines had been sold.

The company grew and expanded until it was renamed CHOCOTECH Wernigerode GmbH in 1990. After successful restructuring, Mr Helmut Sollich became the partner of CHOCOTECH GmbH in 1992. This means CHOCOTECH is still part of the SOLLICH Group today.

Since 1990, the company has continued to grow. A major step in this process was the establishment of the CHOCOTECH CANDY DIVISION in 2000 after the takeover of the Ernst company. Since then, the company has enjoyed great success with its international customers. The product range is broad and well adapted to the market.

And the goal for the future?

To remain the number 1 in Candy.