Halva / Lamination


TURBOWHIP is the ideal solution for batch manufacturing of aerated  sugar masses. It is a two-step system consisting of the thermo-siphon-cooker and the pressurised whipping tank. The thermo siphon cooker heats the sugar mass by means of an integrated steam coil. The cooker can operate at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum. Its large volume allows the product to foam-up without the risk of it being sucked-into the vacuum pump The cooked and vacuumed mass is then dropped down into the pressurised whipping tank together with the whipping agent solution, (e.g., egg white). Here the mass is whipped into a fine-pored foam by means of pressure. The downstream process can be either batch or continuous.

Masses: Nougat, Frappé, Marshmallow, Chewy candy, High-boiled & Soft Torrone, Nougat de Montélimar, Halwa-Tahina