CARASTAR® is a universal batch cooker designed for cooking all types of masses such as caramel, binders, jelly, fillings, sugar solutions etc.

CARASTAR® is available in a number of different sizes and comes with options such as: load cells for automatic ingredient feeding into cooker if there is no batch weigher available, vacuum installation, high shear mixer for homogenization and lump free dispersion of the mass, CIP booster pump and dairy valving to allow an inline washing of the system. This unit also includes 360° spray balls. CARASTAR® is designed for cooking atmospherically, under pressure, under vacuum, post-vacuuming or cooling.

Most executions include a reservoir tank mounted below the CARASTAR® which allows for a batch-continuous process. The cooked mass is dropped atmospherically into the reservoir and acts as a buffer for a continuous downstream process, while the cook process in the CARASTAR® restarts with the next batch.