CHOCOTECH – Quality and innovations since 1920

In 1920 the company was founded in Wernigerode  as “Lauenstein & Co. KG” by Mr. Otto Lauenstein. In 1930 the company already secured a world wide customer base with the production of the first chocolate tempering machine world-wide. Only nine years later the 95 workers had reached the next impressing aim: 750 of those machines were sold.

In 1990 it was rearranged under the name CHOCOTECH Wernigerode GmbH. After this successful restructuring Mr. Helmut Sollich became the owner of CHOCOTECH.  Today CHOCOTECH belongs to the Sollich group.

Since 1990 the company has grown: A big step was building up the CHOCOTECH CANDY DIVISION in the year 2000 after the acquirement of the Company Ernst, a manufacture of cookers and aerators for candy products. Since then CHOCOTECH has been very successful with a wide variety of national and international candy manufacturers.

1920 Year of foundation by Otto Lauenstein in Wernigerode.
First name: “Lauenstein & Co. KG”
1925 First series production of candy wrapping machines in the world.
1930 First worldwide tempering machine.
1939 On the 28.03.1939 the 750th tempering machine was delivered. The company had 95 employees.
Dismantling of the tool machines by the Soviets. Restart of production of the machines.
1967 A new assembly factory is built on the site of the original company in Georgiiestraße in Wernigerode.
1979 Integrated into the VEB combine NAGEMA in Dresden. At this time 200 employees.
1984 Start of enrober production.
1990 Company is converted into a GmbH as daughter company to NAGEMA AG to CHOCOTECH Wernigerode GmbH.
1991 The company is restructured and now employs of 76 people.
(New owner Helmut Sollich)
Helmut Sollich becomes new owner and sole shareholder (100%) of CHOCOTECH.
1995 Relocation of the production and administration to the new site in Dornbergsweg on the 23.10.1995. Official opening on 24.11.95.
1999 1999
Consolidation of the company CHOCOTECH GmbH in the Candy division.
2001 Official opening of a 3500 m2 factory extension, which included a 600 m2 test center.
2008 Building of a storehouse with 900m2.
2011 Introduction of a new Raw material weighing and dissolving system type Ecograv® for enery saving at the Interpack in Düsseldorf.
2014 Completion of a 3000 m² factory Extension for kitchen assembly.

CHOCOTECH - Certificates

Quality and saftey is not only a question of the right material and correct technology, but also from the approval of external inspections:

CHOCOTECH is certifcated for welding and are licenced to fullfill German TÜV,  ASME / CRN  and China stamp. Our equipment also carries a CE stamp.

CHOCOTECH also manufactures candy equipment for the medicated sector and works closely together with the client for validation and certifaction of the lines in terms of quality management requirements (IQ/OQ/PQ).

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