Glossmaster® CTR

Glossmaster® CTR - Enrobing technology with a fully wheel out tank for a quick change-over.

Glossmaster CTR Chocolate Machine Chocotech

The frame work of the Glossmaster® CTR consists of tubular pipes which allow a fully wheel out tank over the entire length of the machine. This shortens not only the change over times to other coatings but also maintenance.

Technical data

Machine Execution Wire belt width
Working speed
Glossmaster® CTR CTR-80 820 8,0 1970
Glossmaster® CTR CTR-100 1050 8,0 1970
Glossmaster® CTR CTR-130 1300 8,0 1970
Glossmaster® CTR-K CTR-60K 620 4,0 1300
Glossmaster® CTR-K CTR-80K 820 4,0 1300
Glossmaster® CTR-K CTR-100K 1050 4,0 1300

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